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      Alona, the last Sun Priestess, wields the power of the sun for strength and healing. Her mighty Sun Staff channels solar rays, harnessing their purifying light to protect those in need.

  • Difficulty: Medium


Icon Key Name Description CD
Alona primary attack icon
Primary Attack An orb of energy which files forward toward the reticule none
Alona suns grace icon
Sun's Grace A quick, short ranged teleport. Alona is invulnerable during transition 10s
Alona radiance icon
Radiance Targets a nearby teammate and heals them over time while they're within range 6s
Alona sunburst icon
Sunburst An explosion of energy which damages and knocks back any opponent within range 20s
Alona blessing of the sun icon
Blessings of the Sun Powerful area of effect heal which affects all teammates within range (including herself) 20s


  • Touched By The Light - Level 2 - Self Heal for 40% of healing done with Radiance
  • Healing Tax - Level 3 - 20% of all healing is returned as gold
  • Pious Protection - Level 4 - 12 pts of bonus Armor given for each teammate healed by Blessing of the Sun for 10 seconds.
  • Speed of Light - Level 5 - Bonus 2 m/s Movement Speed after hitting an opponent with Sunburst for 10 seconds


Alona sun shrine icon
Sun Shrine Defensive buildable which heals nearby teammates over time
Alona light of judgement icon
Light of Judgement A powerful mirror which targets the nearest enemy and deals damage which scales up over time.






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