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      Conjured from the deepest pit, the Black Knight is an unstoppable mountain of tormented, angry steel. With armor forged in hellfire and a mighty battle-axe said to feast upon the souls of his enemies, the Black Knight’s only purpose is destruction.

  • Difficulty: Easy


Icon Key Name Description CD
Black Knight primary attack icon
Primary Attack Wide sweeping attack that is capable of hitting multiple opponents none
Black Knight unforgiven icon
Unforgiven Grants a temporary armor boost and triggers an explosion after a brief period of time 10s
Black Knight devastation icon
Devastation A very heavy overhead attack that deals great damage and causes knockback 14s
Black Knight cruel summons icon
Cruel Summons A quick, forward lunging attack, which pulls an opponent in 10s
Black Knight walk of iron icon
Walk of Iron Creates an area of thorns on the ground and pulls them in. Damaging and pulling opponents towards him 25s


  • Death Dealer - Level 2 - Defeating an opponent with Devastation reduces all other cooldowns by 5 seconds
  • Executioner - Level 3 - Reduce cooldown on Devastation by 1s for each opponent hit by Walk of Iron
  • Soul Absorb - Level 4 - Regen 25 Health per second, for 5 seconds for each opponent hit by Unforgiven. 
  • No Escape - Level 5 - Instantly refresh cooldown for Cruel Summons when it hits a Relic runner. 


Black Knight siege engine icon
 Siege Engine Once placed, moves forward in aa line, dealing heavy damage to any buildables in it's path
Black Knight Spike Trap icon
Spike Trap Floor Trap, triggered in a rhythm which damages and knocks back any opponent struck






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