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      There are none more wicked than the vile sorceress, Morgan Le Fay. With a heart as black as a raven’s wings, she wields her twisted gifts to overwhelm any who oppose her quest for power.

  • Difficulty: Hard


Icon Key Name Description CD
Morgan primary attack icon
Primary Attack Projectile that deals damage and reduces opponents armor for a short period of time none
Morgan flock icon
Flock Morgan Le Fay becomes intangible and can fly horizontally for a short period of time 10s
Morgan burden of sin icon
Burden of Sin A projectile which passes through multiple opponents dealing damage and slowing them 10s
Morgan circle of spite icon
Circle of Spite Places a cursed hex on the ground, slowing an opponent within and increasing the damage they take by 35% 15s
Morgan aura of silence icon
Aura of Silence Damages and silences all nearby enemies, preventing them from using their abilities for 5 seconds 25s


  • Essence Drain - Level 2 - Regen 30 Health per second for each opponent affected by slow
  • Silent Retreat - Level 3 - Grants 1 m/w bonus Movement Speed for each opponent silenced by Aura of Silence
  • Unkindness of Ravens - Level 4 - Hitting a Relic running with Burden of Sin instantly refreshes it's cooldown
  • Invigorated Spite - Level 5 - Primary Attacks vs an opponent within Circle of Spite reduces cooldowns of all other abilities by 1.5 seconds per hit


Morgan elder stone icon
Elder Stone Accumulates energy as nearby characters take damage and triggers and explosion after sufficiently charged
Morgan tome of frailty icon
Tome of Frailty Targets the nearest enemy and reduces their attack strength until they move out of range






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