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      Quick on the draw and smooth on the trigger, Rawlins seeks more than victory. He aims for justice; delivered with righteous fire from his devastating twin cannons - Law and Order.

  • Difficulty: Medium


Icon Key Name Description CD
Rawlins primary attack icon
Primary Attack Two quick pistol shots. Rawlins can move while firing none
Rawlins double down icon
Double Down Defensive roll with a short cooldown timer and two charges 7s
Rawlins power shot icon
Power Shot A strong double shot which deals good damage and knockback 8s
Rawlins slide shot icon
Slide Shot Quick, short ranged slide, which launches and opponent into the air and allows for follow-up 18s
Rawlins blazing barrage icon
Blazing Barrage Rawlins pulls out both pistols, standing in place, and unleashes a rapid-fire hail of bullets 25s


  • Rolling Thunder - Level 2 - 25 bonus AD for 5 seconds after using Double Down
  • Gold Rush - Level 3 - Gain bonus gold for consecutive hits with Blazing Barrage. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.
  • Dead To Rights - Level 4 - 15 bonus Armor Penetration for 10 seconds after hitting an opponent with Power Shot
  • Trick Shot - Level 5 - 40 bonus AD vs an airborne opponent hit by Slide Shot


Rawlins barrel dispenser icon
Barrel Dispenser A dispenser which rolls out explosive barrels in a straight line
Rawlins jail icon
Jail Opponent that makes contact with the Jail is locked up and must break the jail to break free






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